My Story

Bebe Luxe was inspired by my 4 beautiful children
As a Mum of 4 I have experienced many challenges that come with being a parent, slowly discovering what works and more importantly, what does not.  I found, that keeping baby covered, safe from germs and out of the elements was a huge challenge.
I was also continually frustrated by not being able to properly cover the capsule and pram or being able to breastfeed discreetly in public.
In the early days when you and bubba are both learning and getting to know each other, nursing in public can be a real struggle with the constant worry about exposing yourself while helping baby to latch. Plus, the frustration of not being able to wear half your wardrobe because it isn’t breastfeeding friendly doesn’t help the situation.
I tried many ways to coverup with my husband holding up blankets, safety pinning a wrap around me, at times holding a wrap in my mouth to free my hands while attaching!
Don’t get me wrong, you should feel comfortable and free to breastfeed anywhere but there are situations where I would rather more privacy or I have an outfit I want to wear that isn’t breastfeeding friendly. You may want 360° coverage, maybe your baby has reached the nosey stage and likes pulling off and exposing you mid-feed or perhaps you simply struggle to keep baby’s attention on the task at hand! These were all frustrations of mine which made me think, there must be a solution…
After years of planning, I found the solution, the Bebe Luxe Multi-Use Cover
When breastfeeding, the Bebe Luxe Bamboo Multi-Use Cover provides you with 360° privacy, protects your baby from the elements and keep them from distraction. As a capsule or pram cover the Bebe Luxe Bamboo Multi-Use Cover also protects your baby from the elements, keeps them snug and secure and provides a physical barrier from unwanted touching and germs.
As a mamma to 4 children I have experienced the huge changes women go through when becoming a mum. One thing I didn’t want to loose was my sense of style and identity.
When going through the designing process I couldn’t mind and anything that appealed to my style. So I decided to design my own authentic pattern range
The Bebe Luxe Covers are not made from your traditional baby colours and patterns. When designing the fabric, I wanted to use colours and patterns that help mums retain their own fashion style and identity, and not feel like you are wearing or using a baby item. All the Bebe Luxe patterns have been handcrafted by me, so they are unique and individual and stand out from the standard products available today.
What makes this cover different to others?
Finding a premium quality fabric that was safest available for babies was my priority. I needed to source fabric that was ethically made in a clean and safe environment. So, I spent months researching and discovered that bamboo fabric was the answer. (to learn more about all the benefits and qualities of this beautiful sustainable fabric visit our bamboo fabric page).
There was no way I was going to settle for a standard cotton or spandex based fabric that did not breathe nor could meet the Standard 100 Oeko-Tex certification criteria. I wanted the safest fabric available for my children.
I then travelled overseas to personally source the highest quality bamboo fabric, ethically made in a safe, clean and socially responsible environment. I visited many manufacturers and was able source a fabric supplier to produce Standard 100 Oeko-Tex certified bamboo fabric that is perfect for the Bebe Luxe Multi-use Covers!
In May 2020 we welcomed our perfect rainbow baby Jack into the world and launched Bebe Luxe. While this was a very busy time, having a newborn proved the benefits of the Bebe Luxe Multi-Use Cover. I use my covers every day for a wide range of functions to make each day that little bit easier and less stressful. It is the only baby item that lives in my nappy bag and I never leave the house without
I hope you enjoy browsing my site and that you fall in love with the products and find them as useful and practical as much as I have. I truly hope that I can make your experience of motherhood that little bit easier.
Katie xx