Our Bamboo Fabric

Before having children, I honestly didn’t pay much attention what fabric my clothes were made from. Once becoming a mum I was more aware of what I was putting on my little newborns. If I saw any baby clothing made from cotton I would automatically go for that option, thinking that is was the best possible option for my newborns delicate skin. It wasn’t until I started Bebe Luxe and researched different fabric compositions that I realised that cotton wasn’t the only option for my babies. One surprising thing that I came across was fabric compositions and how some companies were very misleading in what their product was made up of, or not even have available information on the fabric composition. You would think you were buying a bamboo product but quiet often it was made up of only 50% bamboo.

I wanted to go one step further in providing mums and dads confidence that they are investing in a product that is the safest option for their precious newborn. That is why all of Bebe Luxe bamboo fabric has been tested and certified by the globally recognised company OEKO-TEX 100. To attain OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certification, fabric must be tested and certified to be free from more than 100 substances known to be harmful to human health. Babies require special protection. Accordingly, in OEKO-TEX Product Class I, all baby articles are held to the strictest criteria, in line with sensitive baby skin.

This global certification system assures manufacturers, sources, brands, retailers, and consumers around the world that certified products meet the strict limit values for harmful substances of STANDARD 100 and that these substances are not present. 

Benefits of bamboo fabric 

Breathable & Thermo-regulating

Breathability is the single most important reason I chose to use bamboo for the Bebe Luxe Multi-Use Cover.

Bamboo fibre is naturally breathable because of its structure. The smooth strands do not snag against each other, which causes blockages in the gaps of the weave. It draws moisture away from your skin quickly and releases it to the surface of the fabric to evaporate.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a fabric that made you feel warmer in cool weather and cooler in hot weather? Sounds too good to be true doesn’t it?

Bamboo can do this! This beautiful soft natural fabric will keep your baby warm when it’s cold and cooler when it’s hot.

Anti-bacterial, Anti-fungal, Anti-odour and Hypoallergenic

Bamboo has the ability to resist bacteria preventing it from lodging in the fabric weave. This ability is only found in bamboo and is called bamboo kun. Bamboo kun is naturally produced by the bamboo plant to shield itself from invasion by harmful microbes and fungi. Which also works to make bamboo naturally odour resistant.

Even after bamboo fabric has been washed many times over, it does not lose these qualities.

Because of bamboo kun, bamboo fabric is also hypoallergenic. This is a unique attribute of bamboo fabric that makes it safe for almost anyone to use. People with allergies, asthma, and respiratory conditions can find relief when using bamboo fabric. Bamboo is the natural choice for babies and people with sensitive skin.

UV Protection

Bamboo fabric has the unique quality of providing natural UV protection. There is no other natural fiber used for textiles known to have this very useful property. Using the Bebe Luxe Bamboo Cover can assist in protecting your little baby from the harmful effects of UV rays that you cannot avoid when out and about.

 Eco Friendly and Chemical Free

Bamboo is an environmental wonder-plant! Bamboo requires no chemicals, pesticide, fertilizer, and very little water to grow. Unlike all other raw materials used for the construction of clothing, bamboo helps rather than harms the environment. It is 100% biodegradable and is the fastest growing plant in the world. It generates the same volume as cotton while only using 10% of the land, making it super sustainable.

Moisture Wicking

The natural qualities of bamboo fibre make it naturally absorbent and can speedily wick away moisture up to four times faster than the finest organic cotton. Synthetic fibres have a chemical structure similar to plastics, and they are usually treated to with a solution to prevent water absorption. They don’t let moisture in and therefore don’t get wet. When you sweat, the moisture stays, leaving you with a sticky, uncomfortable feeling. Not so with Bamboo.

Bamboo give you the best of both worlds, it draws sweat away from your skin then releases it onto the surface of the fabric to evaporate. Leaving you and baby cool, comfortable and dry.

The benefits of bamboo fabric are endless. Naturally eco-friendly, incredibly soft and silky, gentle on the most sensitive delicate skin, resilient, bamboo clothing is without a doubt the way to go.